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Gimme A Kiss Recap Part Four: Chpt 9 - 12

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Back in the Police station Fisher questions Alice on how Kirk died. Alice says it must have been the bends since he was diving down far and surfacing to quickly. The lifeguard that came onto the boat said he thought that was very unlikely but Alice didn't think he knew what he was talking about. The strange thing is that Kirk who has lived beside the Ocean his whole life was a really good swimmer so for him to drown is sort of odd. Alice seems appalled almost when Fisher asks her if she shared her air with him at all. She was all like “why would I do that?” Alice was also the only one in the water with scuba gear on.

Gimme A Kiss Recap Part Three: Chpt 5 - 8

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Jane goes to work and Dr. Palmer is nice enough to let her work in the back today. He knows what happened at school since some student had come in early that day and gave him the scoop. (He pretty much just doesn't want her to tarnish his reputation.) While she is back there she makes a list of ways to get back at Patty and Kirk.

“ 1. Kill P. And K.
2. Cripple K.
3. Disfigure P.
4. Infect P. And K. with an incurable disease.
5. Disgrace P. And K.” 
(Holy shit Jane remind me never to cross you!!)

Gimme A Kiss Recap Part Two: Chpt 1 - 4

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CHAPTER ONE: Friday Morning:

Jane is writing in her 'diary' even though it is just in a regular notebook. The unique thing about this diary is that it's entries are fantasy and very loosely based on actual events in her life. She is up early having seen her parents off camping for the weekend. Saturday she would be joining 60 of her classmates on a boat, rented and captained by Alice's father, for a day of adventures.

Jane was waiting for her friends Sharon and Alice to come pick her up from school. Jane has her own car but it is old and junky and doesn't start reliably so she has been hitching rides with them. So there she was sitting at her desk rereading her last entry about the first “date” she had with Kirk. The next entry she had planned was to talk about the first time they had sex. (Which of course didn't really happen. Seriously right here Jane bad idea! Don't write down anything you don't want others to see!).

Gimme A Kiss Recap Part One: Prologue

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TITLE: Gimme a Kiss
AUTHOR: Christopher Pike
PAGES: 152
GENRE: YA Horror



Some secrets are worth dying for....

Jane Retton would never let anyone read her diary. After all, was filed with her wildest secrets – the sort of things she wouldn't even tell her closests friends.

Then something terrible happened. Somehow her diary ended up at school. And soon, everyone was reading her final, shocking entry. Some girls would simply die. Others girls would kill. But Jane Retton... she would do both.....


COVER OPINION: The cover is okay expect it really bothers me that it seems like she went overboard in this horrendous storm! Other then that it depicts the main event of the storyline fairly well. Once again we have the classic Christopher Pike font on the cover.

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Fall Into Darkness Recap Part Six: Chpt 13 and Epilogue

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They reach the top and Chad goes over the side to look for the pin hole. He finds it and then comes back up. They sit and watch the sun go down. Chad asks Sharon if he can kiss her. She says yes. He goes to kiss her again but she turns her head all of a sudden because she feels sick to her stomach. She just figures its because of finding Ann's body. 

Fall Into Darkness Recap Part Five: Chpt 10 - 12

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Ann wakes up in a cave with Chad holding her hand. He even bandages her head up with a towel. He says she has been out for an hour and he found her ready to fall off the bridge. It's dark in the cave save a candle that Chad lit. Ann senses that the cave is a deep vast one and that it must be close to the river since she can still hear it. Chad says that he figured out what Ann did. Chad is acting really strange. He asks Ann if she hated Sharon so much why didn't she just kill her. Ann was like hmm why didn't I just kill her? Good question. But then immediately says that she wouldn't have suffered for very long if she had. 

Fall Into Darkness Recap Part Four: Chpt 6 - 9

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CHAPTER SEVEN: In the courtroom.

The DA calls Fred Banda to the stand. She asks him a few questions. He didn't know Ann that well, went out with Sharon a few times and says that the girls were only gone for a few minutes before they heard Ann shout and then scream as she went over the edge.

John says he has no questions for the witness. The DA smiles like she knows that she has just won the case. She has no further witness.

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Fall Into Darkness Recap Part Three: Chpt 4 - 6

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CHAPTER FOUR: In the courtroom

The DA questions Paul Lear. According to Paul, the girls went for a walk. They were gone for around 10 minutes when they heard Ann yell 'don't'. When they got to the cliff edge they saw Sharon crouched down staring over the side of the cliff. Ann was no where to be seen. He says he doesn't remember whose idea it was to go for a walk. Ann was not suicidal and that Ann and Sharon had been friends.

Johns turn to question the witness. Paul tells the court when John questions him about his past that he dropped out of high school and joined the Navy. He only served 1.5 years before getting an honourable discharge because he had asthma. He didn't know why his asthma didn't show up on his physical when he joined. Afterwards he did odd jobs before moving to Utah to live with his father. That was when he met Ann. Chad introduced them. John asks how much money Ann left him in her will and he said he didn't know. John said it was a small fortune. He asks if he saw Sharon push Ann off the cliff. He said no.

Fall Into Darkness Recap Part Two: Chpt 1 - 3

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We met Ann who tells us she has such hatred in her that she hates the hatred. (phew! Tongue twister!) She doesn't know where it comes from and she didn't ask for it. ( I don't really know that many people that ask for hatred do you?) She has always had whatever she wanted since her family is rich. The one thing she can't get back and money can't buy is her brother Jerry who shot himself in the head. She has doubts that ruining Sharon would make her feel better but she can't think of anything else to do. She thinks she is super smart that she will get away with it. The only problem is that she needs help and she decides to ask her boyfriend Paul to help her.

Fall Into Darkness Recap Part One: Prologue

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TITLE: Fall Into Darkness
AUTHOR: Christopher Pike
GENRE: YA Horror

ABOUT BLURB: They said she murdered her best friend. The trial is for murder. Ann Rice is dead. Her best friend, Sharon McKay, stands accused. But there is no body. And the three witnesses to the crime only heard what happened, and did not see it. Nevertheless, the prosecution is almost certain of victory. Ann was alone in the dark with Sharon on top of the cliff when Ann fell the 500 feet into the torrential river that claimed her life. There was only one route leading to the cliff, and all the witnesses can remember hearing the girls arguing before the fall occurred. Sharon's only defense is that Ann committed suicide. But everyone who knew Ann, including Sharon, said she was not the suicidal type. And they were right. Ann was much more then suicidal. She was obsessed.


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