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Fall Into Darkness Recap Part Five: Chpt 10 - 12

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Ann wakes up in a cave with Chad holding her hand. He even bandages her head up with a towel. He says she has been out for an hour and he found her ready to fall off the bridge. It's dark in the cave save a candle that Chad lit. Ann senses that the cave is a deep vast one and that it must be close to the river since she can still hear it. Chad says that he figured out what Ann did. Chad is acting really strange. He asks Ann if she hated Sharon so much why didn't she just kill her. Ann was like hmm why didn't I just kill her? Good question. But then immediately says that she wouldn't have suffered for very long if she had. 

She asks chad to help her to her getaway car. Chad says that it won't work. She misunderstands and says that there is no going back for her. Chad says that he didn't know if he would get to the car before she left so he emptied the gas can. (OMG how the HELL did he know the car was there?!) She asks if he knew the plan and he says that he knew even before she did. She said that's not possible Chad says it was him that gave her the idea. (Say what!?)

He then goes on in a creepy calm voice that Ann and him were like the same person. They think the same, do things the same. He said the first time they met the smiled at each other at the same time. But he soon realized that Ann couldn't read his mind like he could read hers so he knew he had to keep quiet even though he knew they were meant to be together and he loved her. 

 He mentions Jerry and her that he confided in Jerry but Jerry laughed at him and told him that he didn't stand a chance with her. Chad warned him not to say anything because he didn't want to risk losing her completely but Jerry wouldn't let up. Chad had stuck the gun in Jerry's mouth while he was sleeping and pulled the trigger. He told her that Jerry wasn't obsessed with Sharon at all.

Ann knows she has to get away. Chad says for the last year he was pointing her towards this and to bring her there to the cliff. He gave her the book, taught her to rock climb, told her about the two guys that fell off a bridge and were swept away into the lake never to be found. She realizes that since she now knows he won't let her live. He tells her he has to kill her and she asks for a kiss. He asks why and she says to say goodbye as she leans into him she adds because she was going to kill him. She reaches for the candle and flings the wax in his eyes. The candle goes out and she reaches for his knife and slashes him across the chest. She kicks him in the side instead of stabbing him in the heart because she realizes that no matter how crazy he is he was her friend at one point and she can't murder him. She knows she needs to get back to the others. She was weak and dizzy but she managed to get to the bridge and over it. She took a bit of time cutting it down but wouldn't rest until it was done. She smiled thinking what Chads face would look like when he came to cross the river to follow her. Feeling safe she backed up against a boulder and sat dozing figuring someone would find her soon or in the morning.  

She hears someone approaching her and soon finds out it is Chad which seemed impossible since she cut the rope bridge down. He turns on a flashlight blinding her. She screams and warns him to stay away. He turns it off and slowly inches towards her. She backs up but stops when she realizes she is being backed up against the edge of a cliff to the river. He gets closer and then shines the light in her eyes again. She swings with her arm but she is to weak to aim misses and swings around. She tries again but loses her balance and falls over the edge. Chad manages to catch her leg and tells her he is going to pull her up. She knows she is toast and wishes there was some way to warn Sharon. She regrets all the hatred towards Sharon now and what she tried to do to her.


Why is it that people who are about to get murdered realize that it is kill or be killed but when they have a chance to save themselves they have a change of heart, run away and then find themselves royally screwed. Ann did this, she didn't take the killing blow even after he told her he killed her brother AND her mother and is most definitely going to kill her. She is totally screwed now.

"I am crazy. So are you.There isn't another girl in the world who would have done what you did tonight. But you did it.I knew you would do it. Your as crazy as I am.” pg 155
oh boy, poor crazy Chad.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: (present time)

Sharon and Chad are back hiking to the cliff that Ann jumped off of. On the way Sharon asks where the rope bridge is. Chad says it fell down awhile ago because it was old. He tells her not to worry that he knows a different way across if she can keep a secret. 

She mentions that she would be interested in going out with Chad. He doesn't believe her and then questions why she would want to. She tells him he is a great person.. He leads her to a cave that is pitch black. He tells her to trust him. He grabs a flashlight and leads her in. She soon realize that the cave goes under the river. He leads her to the exit and tells her once they are out of the tunnel cave to rest while he goes and checks around. She decided to relax by a small pool beside the river. She reaches over to get a sip of water which is clear as glass. She soon spits the water out. The pool wasn't that deep and on the bottom was Ann's decomposing body.


I think that this book was the very first Christopher Pike that I read. This section or at least the description of Sharon finding Ann's body was the section that my one friend was telling all our other friends to read. If we did that we would be so hooked on the book. Thanks by the way friend if you ever read this. Considering that passage actually kind of tells you that she is dead. Up to this point you can't really be sure that she won't survive. Anyways, sucks to be Sharon because she probably is going to realize very shortly that Chad is a killer and crazy.


The same Lieutenant George Artso that had arrested her before was the one that came when Chad and Ann called for help. He clearly still thought Sharon was guilty but he couldn't arrest her this time. He doubted that they just happened across her body considering he said that him and his fellow officers searched the river and had to have passed this spot a million times. Chad asked if they actually knelt down to look in this pool of water and that the body was weighted down  with stones. The officer notices something on her hand and asks what it is. It was the ring that Sharon had given Ann. She had asked Chad what Ann's birthstone was and he said Ruby but he mistakenly thought her birthday was in July like his. Ann's was birthstone was actually pearl. Ann wouldn't let Sharon return it and they joked about it calling it Chads ring. They never told Chad his mistake because they didn't want to upset him. She had found it not to far from where the rope bridge "fell" down. She did notice that the ropes looked like they were cut with a knife which she thought was odd. 

The officer thinks Sharon stole it off Ann's body and makes her give it up. After the police leave Chad wants to hike back and call it a day but Sharon insists on going to the cliff where Ann fell. He gives in. 


The cop sure is an opinionated bastard isn't he. That type of mentality is sort of scary considering we as the reader know she is innocent, the jury found her innocent but here is a person that is soooo sure she did it. It seems nothing will sway his mind. I guess it doesn't surprise me that he thinks she took the ring off the body though.

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