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Fall Into Darkness Recap Part Six: Chpt 13 and Epilogue

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They reach the top and Chad goes over the side to look for the pin hole. He finds it and then comes back up. They sit and watch the sun go down. Chad asks Sharon if he can kiss her. She says yes. He goes to kiss her again but she turns her head all of a sudden because she feels sick to her stomach. She just figures its because of finding Ann's body. 

Why Ann took the ring off though was really starting to bug her. Chad and Sharon continue to talk but Chad is acting weird and almost insinuating that the cop might have been suspicious of Chad instead of Sharon. He then says he is going to go gather firewood. Sharon finally puts two and two together and realizes that Ann left the ring to warn her that it was Chad that killed her. Her throat was slit after all. Chad asks her if anything is wrong and she says no that she is only cold. He leaves to make a fire while she is sitting there thinking HOLY SHIT I'm with a killer!!! She realizes that he took her to where he kept the body hidden and then to where he had moved it. 

Chad stops and turns back. Sharon looks at him and knows that he knows that she knows. (phew!) He starts toward her and she dives for her backpack for her knife. She doesn't have time to get it out so stands and turns to face him. He stopped coming toward her and she begs him to let her go that she won't tell anyone. He doesn't believe her and she make a split decision. She wasn't about to let him kill her. She dashes towards the edge of the cliff and the rope and jumps over the ledge. She makes it to the tiny ledge in no time flat although hurting her hands in the process. He tells her he has to come down for her. She asks how can he kill her and he says its easier the third time around. He smothered Ann's mom and shot Jerry. Sharon asks why and he says because they didn't like him. He starts to come down and she find a jar of Vaseline and bug spray in her pockets. She frantically spreads the vaseline on the rope as far as she can go then waits with her finger on the trigger of bug spray. He gets closer and she sprays him in the eyes and he loses his grip and slides down to just below her feet but doesn't fall. She starts to kick him in the face.

“Stop it!” he cried. “Don't! Your hurting me!” pg 206
SERIOUSLY CHAD!! Stop your hurting me? You just admitted to killing three people for NO FREAKING reason and your trying to kill Sharon but hey she should stop because it hurts. This just totally shows how crazy he is. 

She ends up poking him in the eye (ouch!) and he loses his grip again. She uses this moment to climb back up and runs for her backpack and her knife. She runs back and starts to hack the rope. She peeks over the edge to find Chad on the ledge. She taunts him and he tells her that he is going to jump. Even though his is a psycho she pleads with him to wait until she gets help. He says that he won't be there when she gets back and that he isn't scared to die. He tells her that Ann knew it was him that killed her brother and that she was wrong about Sharon. Sharon was the best friend she ever had.


Poor crazy Chad. I'm glad that Sharon was at least able to get away from him. Ann probably could have as well if she hadn't been so injured and weak. 


Chad jumps and screams the whole way down. His screams bring the police who find Sharon sitting by a fire. The cop, same one as before, smirks and told her he knew she was a murderer. He doesn't believe her story because of the severed rope and the knife had her fingerprints on it.

She says her lawyer will get her off  and then adds to herself that this time he probably would require more then just money.  YIKES!


Okay this part really freaking BUGS THE HELL out of me. Chad screaming his head off brings the cops but not when Ann jumped? She screamed her head off as well. It actually really sucks that Sharon has to prove again that she isn't a murderer. EWWW and that she probably has to put out if Johnny does get her off.  Not sure how she can prove that Chad was responsible but I guess we will never know.


It's really strange how 18ish years between reads would make me realize that while I did remember what happened that I remember some things differently. Like I could have sworn that she was found in the river, the main one that passes the cliff under rocks and that she actually did have that Ann necklace and Sharon did find it. Im also thinking that Sharon finding the Ann necklace was what made her realize that Ann was dead and that she used scuba gear to search for the body. Or something like that. Which is completely strange considering that is not what happens either. You might think that I was getting this story and another mixed up but I don't think so. Was there other story's that had people in scuba gear searching for bodies?

Sorry if I am to detailed and long winded in this recap review. I think I might try a different format next time. Maybe at my comments in among each Chapter review or something.

Also just a random factoid about my copy of the book. As I was reading I discovered a very yellow piece of paper. It was one of moms grocery list from back in the day or at least the start of one. (White sugar was or on sale for 88 cents, Peanut butter 99 cents, Pepsi $5.99, Chips, 89 cents. )

BONUS: The movie!

I didn't realize they made a movie of this until when I was adding the book to my Goodreads account I saw the movie cover (Jonathon Brandis!!). So I searched it out after I was done reading it. It's actually on Youtube in 10 min pieces. I can't believe I never watched this. (It had Jonathon Brandis in it! I had like a huge crush on him. I never missed an episode of SeaQuest and I loooved the movie Ladybugs. I was sooo sad to find out that he had committed suicide. :( )

Anyways watching the movie now it seemed really corny but I mean how old is the movie now? It also sucked that they changed the story and there were no court scenes at all. Plus the ending was changed. What was with Sharon pushing Paul off a cliff. I'm still not sure and still can't decide if she was daydreaming about that while she was on the plane OR if she was remembering the nice memory of murdering a guy that was in on the scheme to land her in jail.

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