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Gimme A Kiss Recap Part One: Prologue

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TITLE: Gimme a Kiss
AUTHOR: Christopher Pike
PAGES: 152
GENRE: YA Horror



Some secrets are worth dying for....

Jane Retton would never let anyone read her diary. After all, was filed with her wildest secrets – the sort of things she wouldn't even tell her closests friends.

Then something terrible happened. Somehow her diary ended up at school. And soon, everyone was reading her final, shocking entry. Some girls would simply die. Others girls would kill. But Jane Retton... she would do both.....


COVER OPINION: The cover is okay expect it really bothers me that it seems like she went overboard in this horrendous storm! Other then that it depicts the main event of the storyline fairly well. Once again we have the classic Christopher Pike font on the cover.

ALSO: If you happen across this blog but have never read any of the awesomeness of Christopher Pike I do have a spoiler free review of this book on my other blog. Go check it out!


Alice Palmer – Jane's Best friend, ex of Kirk
Jane Retton – Kirk's Girlfriend
Sharon Less – friend to both Alice and Jane

Patty Brane – head cheerleaders, vows to make Jane's life a living hell
Kirk Donner – Jane's boyfriend and ex boyfriend of Alice

Lieutenant Fisher- head officer on the case
Officer Rick (Kraken) – random cop
Dr. Hilt – does autopsies 
Dr. Palmer – successful Dentist, Alice's Father, Very over protective.

Kathy Lingren – apparently a friend of Jane, we see her once and then never again.

PROLOGUE: It's one in the morning. We are introduced to Alice and her father who are in an interrogation room at the police station. Alice came down to tell them what she knew of the events that had taken place that day. Lieutenant Fisher asks to speak with her alone and while Dr. Palmer was hesitant he finally relents and says he will wait outside. Alice moves her hand to cover what looks like a sore forming on her mouth. (ewwww!)

To break the ice Fisher tells her some random fake story that he made up about how his girlfriend in college was a sugar freak when she was away from her dentist father. He asks her if she wants a regular coke, which she agrees. (Aww such a nice bonding moment.)

That out of the way he turns to the pictures of the students. First up is Patty Brane who is known to be easy. Then there is Kirk Donner who is Jane's boyfriend and is Alice's Ex. When questioned Alice said, while her hand went back to her mouth, (curious!) that she dumped him because..... they didn't get along. Sharon Less was the next photo and she is friend to both Alice and Jane.

“She had not spoken of Sharon in the past tense. “Do you know where she is now?”
“You're sure?”
“I thought - “
“I don't know. I don't know where she is.” 

(I find this very curious! Does she now more then she should?)

Officer Rick interrupts and says that Dr. Hilt is ready to ID the victim. Only the skull was left. Alice asks who the body is and said that she heard that there was another death on the radio but she didn't remember which station it was. (How convenient!). Alice says that Kirk's death was accidental and that Jane probably killed herself. Fisher asks if it would be Jane's body they ID from the fire and Alice says yes. She asks if they only found one body up there and says that she was just wondering when he asks why she thinks there will be a second one. (okay seriously something is going on here! Alice seems to know more then she should.)

CONTINUE ON WITH: Gimme A Kiss: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.


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