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Gimme A Kiss Recap Part Three: Chpt 5 - 8

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Jane goes to work and Dr. Palmer is nice enough to let her work in the back today. He knows what happened at school since some student had come in early that day and gave him the scoop. (He pretty much just doesn't want her to tarnish his reputation.) While she is back there she makes a list of ways to get back at Patty and Kirk.

“ 1. Kill P. And K.
2. Cripple K.
3. Disfigure P.
4. Infect P. And K. with an incurable disease.
5. Disgrace P. And K.” 
(Holy shit Jane remind me never to cross you!!)

“ Of course she couldn't kill anybody. She wasn't crazy.” 

(All those items on the list, crippling  disfiguring, INFECTING WITH A INCURABLE DISEASE, let alone KILLING someone, doesn't point to crazy I don't know what would. Seriously Jane what do you consider to be crazy then? I mean I know what happened to her was horrible but still! Sheesh!)

She finally settles on ruining their reputation and already has a plan on what to do. Only thing is she needs Sharon to help her. (I see now where Ann got the idea for her revenge plan in the book 'Fall into Darkness'. I think it is kind of neat that Johnny indirectly mentions this book in that story. Also, in my experience, when you have an revenge plan and it requires someone else to help, things are going to go wrong. Terribly freaking wrong!)

Anne comes in and tells Jane her father wants to talk to her. (Okay I am sorry but Alice's father has NO BUSINESS lecturing Jane at all! If I was Jane's parents I would be pissed! It's like saying he can do a better job at raising their daughter and knows what is best for her. I would cut him some slack if I thought he was genuinely worried about Jane but I know he is just worried about his reputation and his daughter's. After all, she is an “angel”. We wouldn't want her led the wrong way by promiscuous Jane now would we?)

Sharon meets up with Jane and she lets her in on her plan and makes her SWEAR that she won't tell anyone let along Alice.

CHAPTER SIX: Police Station:

Fisher totally calls out Alice on Jane's journal telling her he knows that she read it. She was shocked (rolls eyes – seriously Alice it doesn't take a genius to figure out you read it! So stop acting all deer in headlights surprised.). She tells him that she reads quickly and realized part way down the page what she was reading. She quickly shut it and put it in the worst place possible she now realizes and that was on top of Jane's school books. So when Jane grabbed her books she grabbed the journal as well. (And Sharon totally read it as well. Just saying.)

“Maybe she stole part of it from a book she read – she was always reading books - but I don't think so. I think she made it all up in her head.”

(Oh Alice what a silly thing to say! I don't know why that makes me laugh but it does. I don't really know where else she would get the idea if she didn't make it up herself. I group movies, TV shows, newspapers in with books. So if she didn't get it from a book she used her brain. Lol.)

Jane's plan was to get Kirk or Patty to get mad enough to shove her so she could pretend to fall over board and drown. Underneath the boat she had hooked her scuba gear so once she was in the water she could grab that, sink to the bottom, put her gear on and then swim to shore. Once back on land she was going to go to Sharon's parents cabin in the hills.

Jane planned on returning to school on Monday and playing dumb and like nothing happened. (Sorry Jane you can pretend all you want you would still be in deep shit. Seriously why wouldn't you call anyone on the weekend to let them know your okay? You would know they would be looking for you!)

Officer Rick interrupts again and hands Fisher a envelope saying Dr. Hilt is done with his examination and that he is sure the body is of Jane. Fisher returns and tells Alice that it was Jane and she is upset saying she figured it must have been.

(Okay that is strange. Jane fakes her death supposedly drowns and they find her body burnt to a crisp in the hills? Maybe her revenge backfired and someone got revenge on her for getting revenge on them?)

(Hmm another thought just occurred to me. Maybe Jane isn’t dead! Maybe it's Sharon's body and not Jane's! After all Jane worked in a dentist office and was in the filing room before they went on the ship? Sharon is still missing Could she have switched the dental files! Interesting. But where is Jane then?)


“She was alone, but she knew she was being watched; she probably always would be.” 

I feel bad that Jane feels this way. No ones privacy should be intruded on like this. But it would be forgotten eventually. Or some new drama would take its place.

“When the big moment came, Sharon would tell Alice quickly, that there was nothing to worry about. Jane had no intention of putting Alice through the agony of thinking she was dead. Let the rest of the class moan and groan.” 

Jane also needed Sharon to round up Kirk and Patty and bring them to her at the front of the boat where she would start an argument which would get one of them to push her and she would fall over the side never to resurface.

“After Sharon spoke to him, he approached slowly,his expression remorseful, at first avoiding Jane's eyes and then staring straight into them." 

(See this further convinces me that Kirk was just swept along with the rumour and being a guy he didn't want to deny it but he also didn't want to hurt Jane. He is not completely heartless.)

Patty comes up and Jane tells them that the reason why she wanted to talk to them was because they were going to jail for theft and slander. They are both in disbelief and she says a lot of bullshit about her lawyer (that she doesn't have) and that she has all these witnesses to collaborate her story. She starts an argument with both of them and knows she has to escalate it fast because Mr. Palmer and Mr. Pan are making a beeline for the three of them. Jane starts a fight and eventually Patty decks her in the head which was enough to push her over the side of the boat.

(The only thing I don't understand about her plan is that if the boat is still moving and I assume at a good pace, after she falls in how is she going to get to the spot where she pinned her stuff? I would think she would be disoriented from falling into the water. It's not like she is going to dive in? Dunno I guess I need to suspend my disbelief. I guess it's not impossible especially if she falls off the front and the stuff is pinned to the back but still it's like a hit or miss thing. Also why does she think Kirk is the one see needs to get to push her. I would think it would be easier for her to get Patty to shove her then Kirk. I mean at this point I know it was Patty that decks her but before she made a point to think that it would be better if Kirk pushed her.)


(Okay as she is trying to orient herself under the boat she says that the boat is still moving at a snails pace so I guess her plan is totally possible.) After what seems like a year, she finds her gear. She notices that there are a lot of people in the water looking for her. She unhooks the rest of her gear and sinks to the bottom to put it on.

“ Indeed, she began to experience a strange euphoria. As far as the world was concerned, she no longer existed; and the majority of her senses would have agreed with the world.” 

(Strangely I know exactly what she means here. One summer I was in a lake with a friend and we were swimming to a raft out on the water. Unfortunately I really suck at swimming and really can't swim for that long. Anyways, of course, I went under and sunk to the bottom (it probably was only 10 feet down) but I remember standing at the bottom looking around at the plant life and sand and the how the sunlight was coming down into the water. It was so beautiful and quite the experience. Unfortunately soon after that I realized that holy shit I need to breathe! I was just beginning to panic when my friend dived down and reefed me to the surface. But I will never forget what it felt like below the surface of the water. It was like I was in a different world and of course I will never forget that my friend saved me from probably drowning that day as well.)

Jane then heads away from the boat and towards the shore. By the time she gets there though her legs are starting to cramp and she is exhausted but she is happy that she pulled off the first phase of her plan.

“Her celebration would have to wait. If she was spotted now and a reasonable description was passed on to the police, she would be in serious trouble.” 

(I'm pretty sure Jane that if you show up on Monday and pretend that nothing happened you still would be in deep freaking trouble and questioned by police. After all how many people saw you fall over and not resurface. You would have wasted everyone’s time and the police's time for nothing. I doubt that would go unpunished, especially when the find out they could have been helping someone that actually needed helping.)

She gathers her gear heads to her car that she parked not that far away. She stows her gear and prays that her car actually starts. It does and she heads to Sharon's parents cabin. Unfortunately she has hardly and gas and is only able to make it part way there. She has to walk the rest of the way and even though it is highly unlikely someone will come down this way she doesn't want to take the chance that her rented gear will get stolen so she has to lug it with her.

After walking for over an hour she finally is able to collapse in a chair. The cabin is build off the side of a cliff (for the view) so the only entrance is through the front door. The back door just leads to a deck with a really big drop. Having not made the local news yet she lugs her gear upstairs where she decides that she can shower and wash it off at the same time. Except by the time she gets upstairs and drops the gear she collapses on the bed of exhaustion. When she wakes up it is dark and she realizes the news is on in a matter of minutes. She rushes downstairs and turns the TV on.

“Our top story tonight: tragedy strikes a school boating trip. This morning at dawn, aboard the sailing ship Wild Wind, a series of arguments and accidents led to the death of two teenagers: seventeen-year-old Jane Retton and eighteen-year-old Kirk Donner.”

(WHAT !?!?!?!?)

(Oh wow I wouldn't want to be in her position.) Poor Kirk and even in Jane's shock she admits that his death is her fault and she blamed him for something that he really wasn't at fault for.

(Jane is in BIG trouble. BIG BIG trouble.)

(Oh crap what the shit is going on! The phone is dead AND the power just went out. Who the hell just turned the power off. Sharon? Or Alice? Or someone else? Right now I am guessing maybe it's Alice. Or really maybe it could be both of them together? At this point it could be anyone!)

CONTINUE ON WITH: Gimme A Kiss: Part 1, Part 2, Part 4.


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