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Fall Into Darkness Recap Part One: Prologue

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TITLE: Fall Into Darkness
AUTHOR: Christopher Pike
GENRE: YA Horror

ABOUT BLURB: They said she murdered her best friend. The trial is for murder. Ann Rice is dead. Her best friend, Sharon McKay, stands accused. But there is no body. And the three witnesses to the crime only heard what happened, and did not see it. Nevertheless, the prosecution is almost certain of victory. Ann was alone in the dark with Sharon on top of the cliff when Ann fell the 500 feet into the torrential river that claimed her life. There was only one route leading to the cliff, and all the witnesses can remember hearing the girls arguing before the fall occurred. Sharon's only defense is that Ann committed suicide. But everyone who knew Ann, including Sharon, said she was not the suicidal type. And they were right. Ann was much more then suicidal. She was obsessed.

COVER OPINION: It's an okay cover. Not really that interesting but I guess it does represent the story fairly well. Although the cliff looks like its about 60 feet instead of 500 and the three at the top are sort of blobs. The font is of course classic Christopher Pike. The only thing that bugs me about the cover really is the 'Ann' necklace. They isn't a Ann necklace in the book. It should have been a ruby ring instead. Oh well. 

ALSO: If you happen across this blog but have never read any of the awesomeness of Christopher Pike I do have a spoiler free review of this book on my other blog. Go check it out! 

Ann Rice: Is she dead or alive!?
Sharon McKay: On the hot seat for the murder of Ann.
Chad Lear: Long time friend of both Ann and Sharon, also Ann’s caretaker at her mansion.
Paul Lear: Chad's older half brother, also fiance of Ann's
Fred Banda: Paul introduced him to Sharon. They were sort of dating.

The D.A Margaret Hanover : Seems like a cold hearted biotch
John”Johnny” Richmond: long blonde hair and blue eyes! Sounds pretty hot but is know to be a slimeball.
Judge Warner: has a tendency to fall asleep while court is in session.
Lieutenant Artso: has a pretty big hate going on for Sharon. He believes without a doubt that she is guilty.

Jerry Rice: Ann's younger brother who commited suicide.
Mrs. Rice: Dead from a supposed heart attack


This sets up the story really well and introduces us to the main characters.

Sharon McKay is accused of pushing her friend Ann Rice off a cliff and stands trial for murder. We meet her slime ball lawyer John “Johnny” Richmond. He tells her that the district attorney Margaret Hanover has three witness that say they heard Ann yell at Sharon before screaming as she went over the cliff. Sharon insists that she didn't push Ann and says that she must have jumped, only thing is that she didn't consider Ann suicidal. Sharon does tell her lawyer that Ann was having a hard time dealing with her brother Jerry's suicide a year ago. He was a year younger then the both of them. Sharon had gone out with him a few times but wasn't interested in him that way. She thought that he might have liked her though. We also learn that Sharon is a talented pianist and has been accepted into Julliard.

After being in jail a few weeks awaiting the trail to begin, Sharon comes to the conclusion that Ann must have really hated her to set her up like this and that Ann knew what she was doing and that Sharon would more then likely be arrested for murder. The only thing she couldn't figure out was why.

In court Chad Lear is the first person called to the witness box. Chad was a friend to both Sharon and Ann but Ann knew him longer. Sharon thought that it was possible that Chad loved Ann but she couldn't say for sure. Chad was Jerry's best friend and also worked as a caretaker to Ann's property. Ann inherited millions when her mother died from what appeared to be a heart attack a few years ago. Ann was also engaged to Chad's older half brother.

According to Chad he thinks it was his idea to go on this trip. He is very familiar with the area having hiked and rock climbed there since he was a kid. The view up on the peak was the best place to camp because of the view.  He thinks it was Sharon's idea to go for a walk with Ann. They headed out towards the only path to the cliff. They were only gone for a few minutes when they heard Ann and Sharon arguing, then they heard Ann shout 'don't' and then she screamed as she fell over the cliff. Chad said that he should have went with them since he knows the area so well. It seems like he blames himself.


Well holy information packed prologue batman! I thought I was writing a book just recapping that! I think it sets the plot up fairly good though, I know it sucked me in the first time I read it and again this time around. I almost wish that I had really forgotten exactly what happens in the end because it's not as fun remembering what is going on as you read. Oh well. I am loving this trip down memory lane.

So like I said information overload. We know that Sharon is accused of pushing Ann off the cliff. Sharon says she didn't do it, that Ann was a friend so why would she? Ann was also not suicidal so why would she jump?There is no trace of Ann. Hmmmmm interesting.

And check out that lawyer of Sharon's. He sounds pretty hot but pretty much a disgusting example of a corrupt lawyer (I mean it's rumoured that if someone can't afford a lawyer but still accepts his services then he expects them to service him after he wins if you catch my drift.). To bad considering he boasts that he wins cases all the time even when it sounds like it is impossible.

~whips out reading glasses again (figuratively of course since I don't wear glasses) shall we continue?

CONTINUE ON WITH: Fall Into Darkness Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.


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