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Fall Into Darkness Recap Part Two: Chpt 1 - 3

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We met Ann who tells us she has such hatred in her that she hates the hatred. (phew! Tongue twister!) She doesn't know where it comes from and she didn't ask for it. ( I don't really know that many people that ask for hatred do you?) She has always had whatever she wanted since her family is rich. The one thing she can't get back and money can't buy is her brother Jerry who shot himself in the head. She has doubts that ruining Sharon would make her feel better but she can't think of anything else to do. She thinks she is super smart that she will get away with it. The only problem is that she needs help and she decides to ask her boyfriend Paul to help her.

She meets him to discuss the plan and tell him that she has been taking skydiving lessons and his brother Chad has been teaching her to rock climb. He thinks she is insane, but reluctantly says he will help her. Her plan is to put a rock climbing pin 50 feet down the side of the cliff and attach a rope that will be hidden by a bush at the top. She will lead Sharon away from the others then send her back by herself. When she is half way back Ann will clip the rope to her harness, strategically hidden under her sweater, scream the word 'DON'T' as loud and she can, then jump off the cliff, screaming the whole way down. The end of the rope is a bungee so it should take most of the impact. Once she stops bouncing she will attach a second rope and climb the rest of the way down. 

Paul's job is to wait until she is off the first rope, climb down and remove the pin and rope from the wall. She will run to a car she will hide, her and Paul will met up sometime after and live happily ever after. Sharon will be accused of pushing her and spend the rest of her life in jail. It's also not uncommon for people to be washed down into the lake and their bodies never found. All Paul has to do is release the pin and rope, oh and LIE when he is called to the stand. Simple! The plan is perfect! After all it worked in a book she read...err... well sorta, but Ann chooses to ignore that, after all she is SMART! ~facepalm.

We find out more about Paul and more about how Ann and Sharon met. We also find out that Ann was the one that found her brother dead on his bed with a gunshot wound to the head. The gun had belonged to Chad who said he had no idea how Jerry got it from him. Chad blamed himself for what happened. Jerry left a suicide note that said 'he loved her. 'Fred Banda is mentioned as a sort of love interest to Sharon who will also be coming along on the camping trip.


Seriously Paul could you be any stupider? Hope nothing goes wrong! You know after all Ann is killed, even though there will be no body, she added you to her will not to long ago and then you will eventually move away. I mean out of everyone on the trip you have more motive then anyone else. After all you would inherit MILLIONS!

I think Ann's reasoning for trying to pull this off is jaded. She says she is doing it because Sharon 'killed' Jerry but I really think the deep seated issue is her jealousy of Sharon. She is really really jealous of Sharon. She mentions how good Sharon has it about half a dozen times throughout the book.

“Look at her life. She has everything in order. She has her music. She has her scholarship to Julliard. Everybody likes and respects her. She has friends. But do you think Julliard is going to want a girl who's stood trial for murder? Do you think people everywhere aren't going to wonder, for the rest of her life, if she actually did it? And don't you think Sharon will at least figure out the half of it, that I did this to her on purpose, that I killed myself because I hated her? That will eat at her more than anything precisely because I am her best friend.” Ann forced a chuckle. “ I don't need a conviction. Her life will be in ruins.” pg 32

Also this has to be the funniest quote from the book ever. I mean I literally spit my water out when I read this.

“Paul Paused. “Something just occurred to me, Ann.”
"I can't believe we're even discussing this.” pg 33

It just occurred to you that your really talking about faking a murder and framing someone? They had like an hour long conversation so far about it before this little gem of his. Well okay maybe 10 mins max but still. At least he has doubts about setting Sharon up because he has nothing against her and doesn't believe she is responsible for Jerry’s death. But he still is willing to help Ann. Gawd because he is in love with Ann. Such a good reason to ruin someone else's life.

“But if someone loved you, she thought, it was all relative.” pg 35

Apparently Ann sees it different. If you really love someone you would do ANYTHING for them. Why doesn't she just ask Paul to murder Sharon for her!

CHAPTER TWO: In the court room

Johns turn to question Chad. John asks if Chad was the one that brought up the idea of the camping trip. When he said yes John points out that he before he said that it was his idea he 'supposed'. Which lead to John getting Chad to admit that it could have been Ann's idea in the first place. Chad adds that since they were all talking about it he couldn't really say exactly for sure whose idea it was but thought it was initially his.

John also points out that Chad seemed to take the blame for Ann's death even though he didn't have anything to do with it. He also asks about Chads relationship with Jerry. John seems to be trying to establish that it is possible that Ann did commit suicide like Jerry did or that both of them could have been murdered. He eventually asks Chad if he noticed if Ann treated Sharon any differently after Jerry killed himself. Chad says that he wasn't sure but that she could have been a bit colder towards Sharon. He then asks who’s idea was it to go for a walk. Chad says both names but then when pressed said it was Sharon. John asks what Ann said before they went for a walk and he said that he couldn't remember. Somehow John knows that she commented on how bright the milky way would be and asks Chad if she could have indirectly suggested going for a walk. Chad said yes that is possible but it depends on how you look at it. He is then asked if he saw Sharon push Ann off the cliff. The answer was no.

Hanover then calls Paul Lear to the stand.


I really like how we jump back and forth between the court and the events as they take place.

Anyways I don't really have to much to say here. Pretty straight forward.


Sharon flirts with Chad and lets him rub insect repellent onto her back. She comments semi jokingly that they should hook up. Sharon asks Chad if Ann blames her for Jerry’s death. Chad says that he doesn't think so but who knows with Ann. He tells Sharon that he is more to blame then her anyways since it was his gun.

Sharon then goes and has a conversation with Ann. I think Sharon is sensing something is wrong with their relationship but doesn't know exactly what and she is too afraid to come out and ask directly, nor does she know how to fix it. They have a seemingly normal conversation. Sharon notices that Ann is wearing the ring that she had given her on one of her birthdays. A simple ring with a red ruby on it. Ann says that they should get going and start again towards their campsite. She says to Sharon that later they should go for a walk under the stars.


“That was a great rub. You're not bad for a fifth wheel. One day some girl's going to steal you out of the trunk and ride you till your flat.” pg 60

OMG Mr. PIKE!! haha I totally don't remember shit like this when I read it the first time! Haha maybe I was just too innocent back then. I know this isn't the only time it is eluded to sex but this quote really stood out. Sounds like a bad pick up line. 'Hey baby, I want to steal you from the trunk and ride you till your flat'. LOL

It sucks to be Chad because he really is a fifth wheel on that trip, doesn't matter if they are all friends. Being a fifth wheel no matter what situation can sometimes really suck!

I also never understood this line, maybe it was a typo or something but

“With her acceptance to Julliard it had become even more imperative to her German teacher, Mr. Marx, that she constantly progress. No longer was she allowed to simply sit at the piano and play whatever came to her.” pg 55 

 Why would her German Teacher care? Actually that wasn't the first mistake I noticed. Earlier there was a word like 'do' that was missing its 'o'. I always notice shit like that for some reason. But seriously shouldn't it be a Piano teacher or music teacher? I think someone should have caught that in editing! Or am I missing something here?

CONTINUE ON WITH: Fall Into Darkness Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.


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