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Monster Recap Part Three: Chpt 9 - 12

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Angela goes to visit Professor Alan Spark. He tells her that he was very against the high school being built next to the water and having its drinking water come from there, but they didn't listen to him. He was concerned basically with the quality of the water since it has been subjected to a magnetic field all the time. In his experiments he saw that plants that were watered with that water either died or did not do to well. He also points out that Point Lake is different from other lakes in the area because there is nothing in it, no fish, plant life, worms, except...

“There is also a high concentration of an unidentified fossilized microorganism in and around the lake..”

(I'm guessing that this must be the KAtuu)

Nobody on the board were worried about a fossilized microorganism because it was dead and wouldn't pose a threat to anyone consuming the water. He says that the DNA structure is not in any of the books if it even has one. They still didn't listen. He also found that same organism at another meteor site in Chile called lake Curro. This site was formed around the same time as Point lake. He says that the people that used to live there called it 'Lake Sentia'. Those people also had a myth about the same type of creatures as the Katuu called Kalair. The Ropans believed that the Kalair came from the fifth planet.

“More humans would travel from the third planet to the fifth, and more of her kind would take birth.”

He figures that there used to be a planet between Mars and Jupiter “the fifth planet” which is the location of the asteroid belt. He figures that the fifth planet blew up and what fell on earth to make those two lakes are the pieces of it. In his research it was found that both the Mantons and Ropans got sick from drinking the water. That lake is also shunned even to this day.

(Interesting tidbit that the reason why both the football players and the cheerleaders were the only ones to get sick was that they drank more of the water then everyone else. They were practicing a lot and it was really freaking hot that year. So I guess that clears up my question as too why only those two groups and nobody else.)

She describes to him quickly what is going on.

“I had a dream last night that I was an astronaut who came back to earth after a visit to the fifth planet and ate my two best friends. Then I changed into a huge bat like monster and was eventually hunted down by men with lazer guns. Sounds pretty corny huh?”

(Not corny but really freaking insane!!)


Angela, eating food again, hears on the radio that Mary is out on bail and goes to find her. She was hoping they could work together although she figured that Mary might kill her at the end. She gets to the cabin that Mary's family owns only to find Officer Martin dead in the door way with a shotgun wound to his chest. She went in farther to find Mary had “hung” herself. Angela didn't buy that it was a murder suicide.

(Neither to I for that matter.)

The KAtuu had a lot to lose if Mary told anyone and they believed her. She gets her friend down then has to resist drinking what is left of her blood.

(The ones that staged it obviously got hungry, I'm surprised they were able to stop themselves from draining both bodies completely.)

She has a hard time and does suck blood off her finger. Then Lt Nguyen walks in and sees her.

(Poor guy, that would freak the shit out of me!)

She tells him that it was Jim that did this but she has no proof. She gets up and looks at him and realizes that she can make some sort of impression on his brain, and he probably would believe whatever she said. She told him to let her go and let her do what she needed to. She told him that she hopes that he never understands what is going on or that he ever has to understand. She leaves and he doesn't stop her.

She goes home and has an uncontrollable hunger and grabs the first warm blooded thing she sees her grandfathers dog Plastic. But before she can drink his blood Jim shows up. He hands her the typed note that her grandfather left her.

(THE TYPED NOTE, I never clued into that one, or was that even how it was described earlier. I only remember that she saw a note.) 

She realizes that she didn't question why it was typed. Jim had killed her grandfather.

(This makes me really sad!!! I thought before that it was a blessing that he left for the weekend so that at least he wouldn't be a victim and he was all along. So sad.).

He tells her Mary is dead and that she is one of them now and there are lots of them. She says she would like to meet them later that night.


She has the day to prepare. Her plan is to blow the house up with everyone inside except for herself. She wanted to give herself a chance to go back to normal even if it is a long shot since it was Jim's blood that was turning her.

She goes around and gathers big water bottles and buys some shotgun shells.

“They craved human flesh but preferred to eat people alive – that made them ghouls or zombies, in a sense they were from outer space – that made them aliens. But they liked human blood- she liked human blood, for god's sake – and if the myths were true, they mutated into bat like beings.
“yeah,” she said to herself as she resumed her task, “they're vampires.”

(Well that is a very unique spin on vampires!)

She fills the water bottles with gas and puts them all in the basement, then sets to work on the shotgun shells. By this time she was dying for some blood but she refused to kill to get it.

(Okay she totally should have ate something. She didn't need to kill to get it. She has been eating raw meat all before now. Maybe eventually that would not satisfy her but really she could deal with that afterwards. I have a bad feeling her hunger and her refusal to satisfy it is going to bite her in the ass!)


Lt. Nguyen was at the warehouse with Officer Williams staring at the dust free circle on the ground. He had been here before but felt the need to come back. He had found the blood in the cracks and had them analyzed. It came back a match for four different people and those people that were reported missing and were only passing through the area.

Nguyen was scared. He could have handled seeing his partner dead and Mary, but he couldn't handle seeing Angela holding Mary and licking the blood off her fingers. He came back to the warehouse to put everything into perspective, to make it seem that it was really happening and not a nightmare. Before they leave Officer Williams tells him that the mortician that worked on the bodies of Mary's victims wants to talk to him urgently. They leave and Lt Nguyen goes to visit him.

The monsters start to arrive and they give Angela the creeps because none of them smiled or said anything they just stood around the room or sat on the floor. She sense weird vibes bouncing around the room but she can't quite see them nor explain it. All the people in her house are either cheerleaders or football players.

(Not a big shocker there.)

Jim finally arrives with Kevin, to Angela's horror.

(THE ASS! WTH He must have known she was up to something? OR that she really wasn't completely like them yet?)

Angela gets mad and tries to make Kevin go but Jim won't let him. He tells Angela that they need him there for her. Kevin tries to make a joke but Jim hit him in the head knocking him out. He turns to Angela who looks at him in horror and runs but she doesn’t get far as one of the others knocks her down. She stares up at them all gathered around her. Jim reaches down and tastes her blood then she blacks out.

(Wow that is seriously creepy. WTH is he doing? Tasting her to see if he wanted to eat her for a snack or something? Or testing her blood to see if she is completely changed, or can they really not resist blood, no matter who's it is. Geez do they resort to cannibalism sometimes as well? These are some messed up monsters!)

Nguyen meets with the mortician, Kane. Kane, opens a container that stinks a lot. He tells Nguyen that this was the container that he kept the blood in from the two teenage victims. He said he usually disposes of the blood the same day but was called away and only remembered that day that he hadn't. When he went to do so he noticed it was gone. He believes that it was stolen, when he got back from the unexpected call the door to the back had been broken in to.

(JIM! Or one of the others. It has to be, but I don't get why? Did they want to save their little buddies or they just wanted to drink it?)

He says that the kids blood was contaminated with something. Kane tips the container up and they can see green algae like stuff growing in there. That is what was stinking. He said in all his years of experience he has seen nothing like this before so there must have been something in their blood. He also showed him the back of the container which showed the green stuff was trying to get to another container filled with blood.

(Okay this part I don't get, although I guess the green stuff is probably the reason why they stole the blood so that nobody figured out they weren't normal. I don't get that to kill a KAtuu you need to cut off the head or destroy the head. Then why does the blood still try to get to blood? Isn't it still alive then? If whatever is in the blood why does it matter that the head is destroyed? I DON'T GET IT!! Although the “blood” growing towards other blood is pretty creepy. Say it got to the blood and drank it? Would it continue to grow and get bigger or what. AHHH to many questions, I am thinking to much about this!! lol Or is it just Todd's blood that is still alive since he was shot in the stomach while Patty was shot in the head.)

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