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Monster Recap Part Two: Chpt 5 - 8

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(Oh shit she is one of them now.)

The next morning Kevin wakes her up. Her dog, Plastic, is staring at the water from the balcony again.

( I think the dog must know or sense something is not right with the lake. Also that is one weird ass name for a dog. I'm not sure if there ever was an explanation for the name? I can't remember)

Angela is super crazy starving when she goes downstairs to eat. She also sees a note from her grandfather that he will be away for a few days.

(I'm guessing shit is going down soon since he is gone for a few days.)

At the game there was a player, Fred Keith, from the other team that was injured in the game. He now is paralyzed from the neck down. Larry Zurer was the one that hit him. This is crazy since they didn't seem to think his injuries were that serious at first. Now he is on a breathing tube and his recovery doesn't look good. The last comment of the article, that was in the paper, states that the doctor said his neck looked like it was hit with a sledgehammer!

(Yeah I would say Larry is one of them now.)

Angela says she wants to go talk to Mary again. She also says she needs to get something more substantial to eat besides bread and butter.

(She is totally screwed! For some reason this part almost seems familiar to me. But I still have no idea what happens. Just Angela talking to Mary and turning into a monster has tickled a memory. Honestly I thought I had this book when I was younger but it wasn't with my books my mom gave me a few years back. Although I KNOW for a fact I am missing some so I might have been one of them. This copy I found last weekend at a thrift store for 25 cents! SCORE!)

Angela tells Mary what happened to Fred Keith and Mary was like I knew Larry was one! Angela asks when she is getting out but Mary is very vague about it. Angela suggests that she might be safer in jail.

(DUH Angela I think that is a given.)

Mary glared at her. “The minute I'm out of here they'll be after me. Look at yourself, Angie, and tell me who's fooling who. Is Jim suddenly head over heels in love with you? Did he tell you he had to dump me so that he could have you?"

(holy shite what is going on!! How does she know that? I mean maybe she can assume but why is she SO sure that that is what he is doing?)

“He chose you because he's worried about what I told you. Admit it, he asked you, didn't he? Maybe a few times.”

(Actually I totally saw that coming. Jim is just using her to see what Mary knows and as a bonus he has another minion.)

Angela told her they went out for dinner then went back to her house and kissed. Mary calls her a bitch!

(hellloo first of all you tried to kill him! Although I totally get why she is pissed, Angela is not the greatest friend in that respect. Although maybe monsters have some sort of weird compulsion?)

Mary muses that Angela is probably one of them now, but then warns her to stay away from him because she is worried that he will either kill her or turn her. Mary has no idea what they are. Angela presses Mary for the location of the abandoned warehouse and she gives her something more to go on, since she can't remember exactly where it is. Angela gets a weird headache again and feels like she could eat a horse. She leaves Mary and tells Lt. Nguyen lies again.

“She briefly wondered if he had been eavesdropping on their conversations, but decided that would have been against the law.”

(LOL your in the police station.)

Lt. Nguyen had searched before for the warehouse but found nothing. With this new bit of information the expand their search farther out from Balton. The two officers also notice that something is different about Angela but they can't figure out what. Nguyen decides that it would be a good idea to follow Angela, Jim and Mary when she gets out.


Angela and Kevin find the warehouse and go in to check it out. They find a corner that is suspicious and crouch down to look. They find dried blood in the cracks of the floor. Kevin is more inclined to believe that maybe the trio did kill people but not that they are supernatural monsters. Angela decides to tell Kevin that she went out with Jim the night before and Kevin is crushed. She starts to cry and tells Kevin that she feels wrong.

“I'm hungry. I need another couple of big macs. I don't even care if they serve me the meat raw. I might even prefer it.”

(okay I am more convinced that I have read this before but I still have no idea what is going to happen.)

Kevin asks if she is going to see Jim again and she lies and says no. He tells her to promise him that she wouldn't but she lies again and says okay. She then says that she wants to do some research on the area and to research the Natives because they knew the history of the area.

(I feel so bad for Kevin.)


She hadn't a clue what was causing the immense hunger.

(OMG seriously? Weird shit is going on Angela and it is happening to you!)

She drops Kevin off, gets some food then heads to the library. The librarian brings her stuff on the Natives and on the meteor that formed the lake. She reads an article by Alan Spark and takes note of his name.

She finds some interesting facts about the Manton's who lived in the area a few hundred years ago before the white man came. They called the lake Sethia which means Bath of Blood. It was also loosely related to a word KAtuu. There wasn't much on the KAtuu. They either came out of the lake or the sky, were either small like insects or big like bats. They were feared regardless. The Manton avoided the lake and never drank the water. The librarian tells her to go visit Shining Feather he knows all the old stories.

She goes to speak to him and his great great granddaughter translates for her since he is to old and has forgotten how to speak English apparently. He says that the Manton warned the white settlers not to drink the water and they didn't listen at first. But they soon listened and built the wells to drink from. Shining feather was the one to convince them to build the wells.

(Just how OLD is he??? I assumed that the town was there for a long time!)

He gets angry when Angela asks about the KAtuu and tells her it is an evil word and to never say it. To his annoyance she says it a few more times. He seems disturbed that the school is built by the water and tells her again to tell them to not drink the water.

“Why did the Manton call the lake the Bath of Blood?”
Shining Feather answered. “Because it was where the drinking of blood always started,” the woman said. 

(Totally weird. Are they like some sort of messed up vampires?)

She asks how to figure out who is one and he says that 'they are always hungry for blood'. Angela is totally in denial that what she is craving is blood . Shining Feather reaches forward and grabs her wrist to feel her pulse. He freaks out and angrily tells her to leave. She was like 'why?' He says the word KAtuu. She doesn't listen and he tells her after giving her a necklace with a headless bat charm on it , to wear it and kill 'the hungry ones'. She says what about me. He seems sad and says that 'your blood is cold as the lake' ,' you swam to deep'. Which frustrates her because she doesn't drink the water nor swim in there.

(geez no wonder why Jim wanted her to swim in it. Also Shining feather said that if everyone stops drinking the water then they will be okay? Not if they are to far gone though. I was going to say if Angela stopped she would be fine but she actually got some of Jim’s blood in her mouth so maybe that is why she is hopeless)


She goes home and is cooking steak when Jim walks in. She asks if he is hungry and he says he is starving, but he wants to eat at the oil wells so he can see the lake.

“She knew why she hadn't gone for her grandfather's shoot gun. First of all, he didn't have one. Second, there was a part of her that was in love with the dark side.”

(Okay here I am getting a realllly vague impression that at the end either Mary is forced to kill Angela or Angela kills all the other monsters and then herself. It's so frustrating to not know if I did actually read this one before.)

So this time he doesn't try to seduce her. Probably because he knew it was pointless since he had already infected her. He asks if she saw Mary and if so if she told her anything. Angela said no.

(smart girl.)

She packed the food for the hike before the steak was done because really it didn't really matter if it was cooked or not.


Jim comments that the lake is really round and confirms that it was formed by a meteor ' a hundred thousand years ago.'

“Sethia.” she said. His description evoked powerful images. It was almost as if he had been there to witness the coming of the meteor.

He says he doesn't know that name and asked what it means. Angela says that she doesn't know, that it is a word the Manton call it. He suggests going swimming.

“The fact was, a potential KAtuu was asking her to go swimming in the Bath of Blood. Of course, people swim in the lake all summer, and none of them ate their neighbours.”

She was hesitant at first but then gives in to go for a swim. When they get back to her house he starts kissing her before jumping in the water. They start making out again before he leads her back to the house where they lay on the bed. Angela falls asleep and has a weird ass dream again. I don't even know to describe the 'dream' , it's just sooo messed up. It is showing her the history of the KAtuu or something, or what they are like. She feels a detachment for the world and just has the need to feed. That is all. Fellow human beings are now just enemies waiting to be consumed. She is no longer human.

It seems like humans went to another world and when they came back they were no longer human but nobody knew that at first. It took awhile for anyone to realize that the world the people of Earth had traveled too was not an option to settle on.

(I'm not even sure how that is possible? Did Earth have space ships before we had space ships?)

Eventually the KAtuu were hunted and as their appearance started to change it was harder for them to hide. They turn into bat like creatures. Feeding got harder and the sun took its toll so their kind hid in a dark cave, except they were found. The people of Earth killed all of them by slicing off their heads.

Angela wakes up to see Jim on the balcony. She calls to him but he doesn't say anything so she decides to go get some more food and eats two steaks pretty much raw. She goes back to her room to find Jim gone. She looks out to the water but doesn't see him, so she puts her necklace back on and clutches it while she goes back to sleep.


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