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Monster Recap Part Four: Chpt 13 - 15, Epilogue

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Angela has another weird ass dream.

(I actually had to read bits of it a few times to finally understand what was going on.)

She dreams of the history of the KAtuu and when their world ends. Men from the third planet (earth) came in their ship and started to build something. They guarded it at all times.

We also learn a bit about the KAtuu.

“ That's what brought on the victim's hunger. The parasite had to be fed, or else it would feed on its host. It hungered for the living iron in the dying blood – to bring about the polarity, the magnetism, that led to union with the mind of the world.”

(That is sooo wierd that the KAtuu's world is like a thinking being or something!)

So it seems like all KAtuu have a connection with their planet and can remember all that has happened.
We also learn that once a human is fully changed into a KAtuu they can easily turn others with just their blood and their change would happen much quicker then if they just drank the water.

The earth people worked quickly and had to defend what they were building because the world sent all its 'army' to attack them. It didn't work however, the men killed all of them with red and green energy beams. Unfortunately one man stepped out to far and was infected by the planet. His peers killed him with no hesitation but not before the world saw what the earth men were doing. They were building a bomb to destroy the planet. The humans that had previously gone back to earth, and who were infected, had almost caused the earths population of humans to be wiped out.

(Okay I STILL don't get this? Earth obviously had the ability to fly in space and to land on other planets. Even though the human population was almost wiped out, wouldn't the earth men currently on the fifth planet and who go back to earth once the bomb is done still know how to go into space? So why did that technology disappear and then reappear later on? The lakes were formed by planet pieces after it was blown up and landed on the earth 100,000 years ago! I don't get it!!)

The world couldn't do anything to stop the men who finished the bomb and left. The world blew up. A few pieces crashed to earth and survived.

'They floated for eons with consciousness but no comprehension. They knew only their hunger, which they could no longer satisfy, and their hatred of the men who had destroyed their home. Above all else, the vowed that if there was a chance, they would take vengeance upon the people of the third planet.”

Angela wakes up to find that her and Kevin are locked in the basement. She had a terrible headache that made it hard for her to think, she needed to eat soon.

(Told you Angela that you should have ate something earlier!!)

Poor Kevin has no idea what is going on. She tries to tell him but really doesn't have time to go into the whole thing.

“ We are being held captive by thirty vampires from outer space.”

He tells her she needs to give him more then that but she winches and he tries to comfort her. She tells him to back away because she is VERY aware of him and the blood flowing through him.

(OMG :( I don't want to happen what I think is going to happen :( )

Her bottles of gas are still down there but there is no fuse. She knows that there is no escape and the only way to stop them is to blow them up, with her and Kevin in there. She feels really bad that Kevin will have to die but she doesn't want to take the chance that one would get away. He thinks she is crazy and comments that she is just as bad as Mary. She tells him with sadness that Mary is dead. He is shocked and asks her how. She said they did it.

She does her weird mesmerizing thingo and tells him to not interfere with her. Since she has no matches or any other way to light a flame she breaks some wood off the wall and jabs one of the bottles so that gas leaks onto the floor, then settles down to hopefully make a spark by rubbing two pieces of wood together. She grows emotional and says she can't do it. She is 18 and doesn't want to die. Poor Kevin still has no idea what the hell is going on and he is scared because I assume he also doesn't want to die either. He once again tries to comfort her and she is intoxicated by his smell. She rubs his wound on his head and when he is not looking licks her finger. She then digs deeper until he calls out in pain. She says sorry and realllly wants to lick her hand again but doesn't want to do it when he is looking at her.

She kisses him a few times and when his eyes are closed she snaps his neck.

(OMG that is soooo sad and sooo wrong :( This book is freaking depressing! )

While she is feeding her mind leaves her and she is glad.


Lieutenant Nguyen was stalling but he knew that he needed to talk to Angela about what Mary told her. But she told him to stay away. He stops at the cemetery where Todd and Kathy were buried. He goes and visits there grave and sits down to think.

(oh god at 11:30 at night! That would be the last place I would be.)

He believes that Angela believes what Mary told her and that she is possibly taking over where Mary left off. He is pretty close to believing it himself, but he doesn't want to face it just yet. He hears the wind moan but when it doesn't stop when the wind stops he is horrified to realize that he is hearing it from BELOW him! And its coming from Todd's grave. He rushes away until he can't hear it anymore then thinks that maybe it was his imagination until he gets close again. He freaks out and yells stop and the moan stops. Todd had heard him. He FREAKS and rushes to his car. He wants to talk to Angela no matter what and is resolved to kill her if he has to.

(Hey wait a second, why did Jim and the others go to so much trouble to get the blood from the mortician but never bothered to go dig up Todd who is clearly still alive!? He was only shot in the stomach. Sure that would have killed the host body but KAtuu can only be killed by destroying their head. Why didn't they go get him? Or destroy him or something. I mean maybe he can't get around but they went to so much trouble to hide the blood or whatever they did with it, that they should have stopped Todd from alerting people to the fact that he is moaning in the ground. Just saying, Jim and his monsters are lazy!)


The crazy ass unemotional monsters opened the door after she was done with Kevin.

(Serious sad face :( What did Kevin ever do to deserve this!)

The feeding had changed her, she forgot who she was but was aware that she was occupying a human body named Angela.

(Okay that is really messed up! Is Angela still in there somewhere I wonder? Like can she see what is going on but the KAtuu is controlling her? Okay that is way way waaaay too creepy to think about! I hope for her sake she is not aware! Also Jim is an ass! That was really a butt ass move to choose Kevin for her to drink? I don't know what Jim could possibly gain from having her do that? Does he think that will make her decide not to resist the change? )

Jim says they are going to have a meeting but since she was covered in blood he wanted her to clean up.

(I'm surprised he or any of them care what she looks like. The seem to be at this point unemotional blood sucking zombies who only think of how they will get more blood. Unless the blood would distract them or something.)

So she makes her way to Angela's bedroom to do so.

When she gets out of the shower she sees the KAtuu charm and decides to put it on even though she is not sure why.

(ooooh maybe Angela is still in there somewhere fighting!)

Doing so she is able to see red energy?

( I have no freaking clue what THAT means? That is sooo sooo wierd? )

That connected all of them to the pieces of world that were left flying in space. Except there was another part of her that wanted to remember. Angela was fighting to regain control of herself.

(Yeah! I knew it!!)

As her body remembered the redness changed colour then disappeared and she was herself again. I guess essentially severing the connection to the world?

She is horrified at what the KAtuu made her do to Kevin but she pushes it aside because she doesn't have time to think about it. She ran to her closet where she had stowed the smaller bottles of gasoline she had filled earlier. She looks around for a way to light it when Jim comes to tell her to come to the meeting.

(Of course he does! They must be getting hungry or something!)

He notices her necklace and starts to question her about it because he sees that it looks like KAtuu. She edges towards the closet and says that an Indian gave it to her just now. He is confused and when she says he is in the closet he goes and investigates. That gives her enough time to grab a knife she had in her desk and stab him in the neck. He calls for help.

(Wow What! his blood has a green tinge to it!? Why does their blood turn green?)

“She lashed out with her foot, with every bit of her new found strength, and caught him directly in the balls.”

(ouch! And also HAHAHA that what you get Jim for being a jerk!)

She slams her door shut and locks it and hopes that it will give her enough time to do what she has to do before the others break in. She grabs one of the bottles from the closet and jumps on it so gas flies everywhere.

“You waited a hundred thousand years for revenge,” she said. “you wasted your time. You're goners. You're just a bunch of dead heads from a dead world.” She paused and smiled wickedly. “ I hope you feel pain when you die.”

She lights the gas on fire and runs for the balcony The first bomb goes off flinging her into the lake. Then the one in the basement blew and the oil tank beside the house. It was pretty positive to say that everyone in there died.

(What about the dog? Plastic never jumped off the deck and she didn't throw him in the water did she? Or did I miss something. I guess Plastic also was blown off the balcony? I hope so the poor dog!)

Lt Nguyen was pretty close to the house when it blew. He didn't call it in right away because he knew that Angela must have wanted this to happen. He thought he saw something fly into the water but when he looked harder he thought he must have been mistaken.


LT Nguyen goes back to visit what is left of the house although he stays far away from it. He was present when they took out what was left of the bodies. They managed to identify them by dental records. He was sad to find that Kevin had been in the basement. They could find no trace of Angela however and he even made them search the lake. He had adopted Angela's grandfathers dog who he found along the lake after the explosion.

He was among many that were leaving Point. He himself was moving to California. About 6 weeks after the explosion a man, Philip Frazier, had the propane tanker he was driving stolen. He didn't see who attacked him, or what, but knew that it had come from the roof. The stolen truck resurfaced when it was used to trigger the oil wells to explode which in turn caused oil to leak into the lake for a few days before they could stop it. It would have been way to expensive to clean it so instead in the spring they were going to drain it and fill it in. Nguyen knew that before he left he had to kill whatever was in Todd's grave, which he was not looking forward to.

(Really I don't freaking blame him!)

He and the dog go into the woods to look for animal carcasses. He had found a number of them in the weeks since the house went up. It didn't take him long to find one. The dog all of a sudden became terrified which in turn freaked Nguyen out. They left quickly.

Up in the tree starting down at the dog and Nguyen was essentially what had become of Angela. She had completely transformed into KAtuu except that she was different. For a moment she was tempted to attack Nguyen but then touched her necklace that she still wore. She had no memory of why she was wearing it or where it came from nor did she remember what KAtuu were or where she came from. She for some reason had a memory that eating humans was bad so she decided that she wouldn't ever.


(I'm so terribly sad that Angela wasn't able to revert back to human although I guess I realized that wasn't going to be a possibility since it was Jim's blood that turned her. The ending here when Nguyen was in the woods and she was in the tree also sparked a memory of this book from my youth. Anyways it was sort of nice to not remember exactly what happened and it was still good this time as an adult as I probably though it was when I was younger.)

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